Life not be perfect but your eyelashes can be!

Anyone who is not familiar with eyelash extension application, we are happy to explain!  They are individual synthetic eyelashes that are attached to an existing natural lash using a special kind of adhesive.   The adhesive is special because it dries flexible so the extensions feel natural and lightweight.  This is semi-permanant and have a 3-4 week hold. 

Eyelash extensions are great because you can get long, thick lashes without using a heavy strip lash, plus they look very natural.  The whole procedure is painless; in fact, it is said to be one of the most relaxing salon treatments available today!

Throughout the months of January and February  Frankie is offering a full set of lashes for $125!   So make your appointment to visit Frankie here at Elite Concepts Salon where you can relax and get beautiful lashes!